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Timebucks Site Review (Earn Up to Daily $20-$50)

What is Timebucks : Timebucks  is a reward site that pay you real cash and free Bitcoin for performing different tasks online: taking surveys, posting on social media, watching videos, clicking ads, installing free apps, surfing the webs, playing games, and more!

What’s particularly great about Timebucks is that it pays cash (and Bitcoin), not points, not gift cards. You get money straight into your account.

Other ways to earn extra cash, rewards, gift cards and Bitcoin:

  • Survey Junkie -my favorite site for taking paid surveys. They pay you for each survey you complete. Accept members from the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Unique Rewards -Share your opinions and earn free Amazon gift cards. Plus a free $5 bonus for signing up. Available for USA, Canada and United Kingdom residents only.
  • Is Timebucks Legit?

    Timebucks is definitely a legit site, so if you’re worried about this being a scam, you can rest assured you’ll actually get paid to do things you’re already doing.

    In addition, Timebucks is also rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot and have 1000+ of reviews!

  • How Timebucks works

    Timebucks is open to everyone from all over the world. 

    You can join it completely free and immediately start taking surveys and completing small tasks.

    The sign-up process takes only 5 seconds.

    To get started, head over to Timebucks to create a free account. You can either log in using your email, or by linking your account with Facebook.

    You may get a $1 bonus just for joining.


    Though you can complete this step later, but I suggest you fill out your profile and payment information in the Settings tab so you can get your cash out with as little hassle as possible.

    That’s it. New users will automatically approved and you can now start earning real cash/Bitcoin with Timebucks by doing various tasks and activities.


    How to Earn Free Bitcoin and Make Money on Timebucks

    Timebucks offers a lot of unique and easy earning opportunities.

    Although you won’t get rich by doing simple tasks, it’s a great way to make extra cash and earn some free Bitcoin in your spare time.


    1. Taking surveys

    Timebucks will give you a list of paid surveys based on your interest and your profile. Depending on where you live, the rewards you will get might be different.

    how to earn free bitcoin by taking surveys. thinkmaverick


    2. Watching Videos

    Get paid for watching short videos. You can select which video you’d like to watch and what your reward will be.

    You won’t earn much by watching online videos but it’s an option for boosting your earnings.

3. Viewing Content

This task is very simple. Click on links from advertisers, view the website for a specified time in seconds and you’ll get paid.


4. Posting or following people on TikTok

You can get paid for creating a TikTok account, post on TikTok as well as following/unfollowing people.

5. Playing games

If you’re a gamer, you’ll absolutely love this earning opportunity.

Choose the game you’d like to play, complete the offer within a certain timeframe and redeem your rewards.

6. Completing Captcha’s

Earn $0.003 for every 20 Captcha’s you successfully complete. There’s no limit on how you can earn with this task.

If you’re able to solve captchas quickly, and be one of the top 50 people who do the most Captcha’s, you’ll stand a chance to earn an additional bonus of $0.10.

This is a daily competition, so allocate a day to just focus on completing captchas for higher chance of winning bonus.

7. Get Your FREE Money (Daily Bonus)

Once you’ve successfully completed 10 tasks, click “Roll” to get your free money.

Depending on the number you get, you can win up to $10 according to the payout table. Even if you don’t win, you can still earn a minimum $0.002.

It resets every 24 hours, so come back every day to claim your free money.

Besides this, you will automatically earn 50% commission of your referrals FREE Money earnings. 


8. Sweepstake Prize Give Away  (Weekly)

On top of the daily FREE Money, you will also get free entries into the Weekly Sweepstakes, where you can win cash prizes up to $250. 

Every week, Timebucks allocates a total prize pool of $500 which will be awarded to 30 lucky winners.

You don’t have to do extra work to win this giveaway, you’ll automatically earn free entries for tasks performed:

  • Log in daily: 100 entries
  • For every $0.001 you earn: 1 entry
  • Refer a friend: 200 entries

9. Inviting others to join Timebucks

Know someone who like earning real cash or get free bitcoins by doing simple tasks?

Refer them to Timebucks and you’ll earn commission for every person you refer.

That’s not all. You will also get commission from the people who get referred by the people you invite too! It’s a great source of passive income!


How Much Can You Really Make With TimeBucks?

Your earnings vary, depending on factors such as your country, profile and effort.

For your first day, you can earn up to a maximum of $50 worth of Bitcoin. After that, you can expect to earn between $10-20 worth of Bitcoin daily depends on the task and time spent on the platform.

The more active you are, the more money you can earn.

But don’t forget, you have unlimited earning potential with their generous referral program. There’s no limit on how many people you can refer.

The best part is- you can get free $1 when you sign up here.


Timebucks Payment Methods

They process payments once a week, every Thursdays.

Once you hit the minimum payment threshold of $10, you can request payment using few different methods:

  1. Bitcoin: Get your money straight into your own Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Payeer: You can withdraw funds as cryptocurrency, or to your bank account.
  3. Bank transfer 
  4. AirTM
  5. Neteller
  6. PayPal (indirect)

If you want to get paid via PayPal, you’ll have to sign up to AirTM first, and once you receive fund there, you withdraw via PayPal. Usually you have to pay a higher processing fee using this method. Be sure to check the fees in your country and AirTM website before you withdraw.


Timebucks Cons

  • Some tasks offer very low rewards.
  • You have to complete at least 10 tasks a day to get “Free Money”.
  • Payout is only available on every Thursday


Timebucks Pros

  • Offer a wide range of tasks to make money
  • Pay in cash, rather than gift cards or points
  • Pay via Bitcoin
  • FREE to join
  • Multi-leveled referral program
  • available to anyone worldwide 
  • New users get FREE $1.00 sign-up bonus

 To Join this Lovely Site :  Click Here

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