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2Captcha (Earn Money From Typing Captcha)

What is

As the name suggests, 2Captcha is an online CAPTCHA solving and image recognition service that is quite reliable and affordable as well. 

Today I will tell you how you can make money? sitting at home. If your typing speed is fast then you can earn money by typing data entry at home.

We all know about those pesky captchas that you have to complete for a website to even believe you’re a legitimate human being. We know them, and we dread them. For most of us, they’re just a waste of time blocking you from getting to the webpage you need.

But what if there were a way to make money by Typing Data Entry putting in those captcha codes? Believe it or not, one website actually found a way.

2Captcha Typing website is that originated around 2016. Per the website’s front page, they claim to be able to pay you for “home data entry work,” which is fancy phrasing for typing in thousands of captchas.

The bigger question then becomes: how much money can you realistically earn with 2Captcha? Is it a legitimate use of your time? Let’s dive in and take a look at the details on the site to decide for ourselves.

What is 2Captcha Software?

2Captcha is a website that pays you to solve captcha puzzles. The captchas usually contain distorted text within an image.

A user normally has to type in the answer to gain access to a website in order to prove they’re not a robot. If it’s not typed correctly, you’re forced to refresh the captcha until you get the code right.

For those in a time crunch or with a busy schedule, captchas do nothing but slow them down.

When you register with 2Captcha, you can upload the captcha you want to be answered, and within an average of 12 seconds, 2Captcha gets someone to solve the captcha for you. On the opposite end of that, for every captcha you solve and upload back to 2Captcha, you get paid.

Who would Use 2captcha?

Depending on your lifestyle and responsibilities, you may have a number of automated tasks you need to complete without actually needing to be present for them.

When those automated tasks involve going to various websites, that’s where 2Captcha Typing Data Entry websites come in. 2Captcha workers are delivering on average 10,000 captchas per minute, every hour of the day. That’s a lot of automation!

Those 2Captcha typing workers have to come from somewhere, though, and that’s where you can come in. For people who want to earn money in their spare time, think they have a fast typing speed, or actually enjoy solving captchas, money can be made.

How can you earn with 2Captcha?

As a 2Captcha typing worker, there are a couple different methods you can use to earn money; there are different types of captchas available for you to attempt to solve. Normal, basic captchas, big captchas, ReCaptcha v2 tokens, and ReCaptcha v2 images are all available to solve.

While each of these types of captchas allows you to earn different amounts, they also vary in difficulty. Logically, the more difficult the captcha task is, the more you will be paid for it.

What are 2Captca Rates?

The big question for the 2Captcha typing website is just how much you can earn with the program. For the normal, basic captchas, you can earn anywhere between $0.25 and $0.60 for every 1,000 captchas you solve. These are the simple captchas where you see the distorted text on an image and type out what letters/numbers you see.

For the little captcha puzzles that ask for you to tick a box that says, “I’m not a robot,” sometimes it asks you to verify further that you’re a human being by answering an image puzzle question. This is a simple identification puzzle, such as marking all images with a car in them.

For these “I’m not a robot” puzzles, otherwise known as ReCaptcha v2 image puzzles, 2Captcha pays $1 to $2 for every 1,000 solved. It’s probably good to note here that you are required to download software for 2Captcha when solving these particular types of puzzles.

Near each captcha puzzle you attempt to solve, it will show the rate you will earn for that puzzle. You can also use that as a basis to average how much you would be paid out for a certain amount of work or time spent working.

We broke it down on our side and did the math, and depending on how fast you can complete captchas, you can finish 1,000 in a little under three hours. This requires solving at least six captchas per minute.

Ultimately, you’d be earning $1 to $2 an hour at the max for the actual work at 2Captcha. This may not sound like a lot of money if you are in North America, but it can be a decent amount of money depending on where you live. There is also another way you can earn money with the website.

Referral Program

You earn through every referral you invite to the website that signs up with your referral code. If you can convince your friends, family members, and even various strangers to sign up using your code, you earn 10% of everything they earn.

If you get a small army to solve captchas for you, you can earn without having to solve thousands of captchas a day yourself. Otherwise, you may not really be able to earn enough on 2Captcha to warrant working for them.

2Captcha Tricks

Getting paid $1 a day is not very enticing for most people, so of course, people will try to get paid by 2Captcha without actually having to do the work. There are a lot of “2Captcha tricks” people will use – mostly software – that will solve captchas without needing human assistance.

I am no expert in this, but I suspect that if 2Captcha caught wind of you doing this, they would ban you quite quickly. Also, if this software were readily available, why wouldn’t 2Captcha just purchase the software themselves and stop using real workers?

To me, 2Captcha tricks sound too good to be true and dangerous to your potential account.

2Captcha Payment Proof

2Captcha typing website is a reputable company. I have spent quite a bit of money with them, so I know it definitely has money to pay the people it sub-contracts. As mentioned previously, the pay may not be very high, but there are not a lot of complaints about 2Captcha not paying people.

In fact, I found a person who provides payment proof that 2Captcha has sent him money without issue:

The Good

The earnings for 2Captcha are fairly low, but the cash-out minimum is also only $0.50. It’s free and easy to join, and you start earning immediately. Plus, due to the referral program, you can technically earn without ever having to lift finger-solving captchas on the site.

For people who want to make a bit of extra money on the side and don’t mind mindless tasks, 2Captcha can be a good option. This is especially true for people in countries who have a decent internet connection and a low average hourly salary.

Referral commission:

2Captcha is that the only captcha entry site that gives a reliable referral program. You will get a 10% commission for each of your referral work.  For example, if you have 10 active referrals they make $ 10 per day.  You get 10 cents from each referral then you get 1 dollar from 10 referrals.  In this way, the more referrals you have, the more income you will be able to earn. 

Create Account Process

First, you have to click on the registrar as shown in the picture then create your account.

Verified Account:

You will receive an email as soon as your account is created. You need to open your Gmail and open 2 Captcha Mail also check your Gmail spam folder if you do not receive email. And there will be a link to click on it then your account will be verified. After verifying your account log in to your account.

After opening the account you have to click on the start button. And start writing captchas

For Registration : Click Here


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